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Holly Cleeland is author of the book "Glue & Go Costumes for Kids: Super-Duper Designs" and the creator of Lawn Cheers. Holly has been featured on the Carol Duvall Show, The View, View from the Bay (SF), and The Rachel Ray Show.

Santa with Holly

Lawn Cheers are Animated Holiday Displays for your lawn. Each Lawn Cheer is handpainted and made with durable materials. An original piece of artwork, each Lawn Cheers is a true collectible.
Click to Order!If you like to decorate for the Holidays, you will become devoted to Lawn Cheers characters and will look forward to adding to your collection each year.

Lawn Cheers will even design your own custom holiday display. Have a unique holiday display with a theme of your business or what your family likes to do for fun.

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Holly Cleeland

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As seen on the Rachel Ray Show
Thursday, September 28, 2006
Only $20.00 plus shipping
  • Get your personalized copy of Holly's book today!
  • Don't stop there! This book is better than candy; give it to your favorite goblins for Halloween!
  • Don't forget to give a copy to your child's school teacher and one to the school library (Holly will sign it to the school)!
  • Rachel Ray Show Special: purchase 3 copies and get free shipping!

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